Terrible film seekers! We all know and love our bad movies- the lack of a budget, the cardboard backdrops, the actors who’ve seen enough telenovella to guess what acting might be like.

None does this better than the one, the only, The Room. For those who haven’t seen it…there is no way to describe. I am left speechless and you would be too-just go and educate yourself. You’ll love me forever.

Now, wouldn’t you absolutely love the experience to go on? Now it can, with The Room: The Musical. Penned by a writer with credits on BBC’s Newsjack (probably the most qualified a writer of the films featured on this blog has ever been), the script follows the plot of the original film, with nods through the fourth wall at the hysterical audience- and trust me, I have seen some hysterical audiences.

They’ve got spots at the Great Yorkshire Fringe and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the cast are fully prepped and wigged, the Tommy Wiseau accent has somehow been pinned down. The only thing they need now is your money. Without a couple of quid, there could be no venue, and the actors will be standing in “they underwears”.

On their way to the £800 target, just £1 would help- and £30 would make them love you forever. I could not recommend this project enough, and your donations will help make it a raging success- which is more than can be said for any bad Christmas film!

Donate today! Go onnnnn, you know you want to.