Not enough films focus on Dracula’s good deeds, you guys. Sure, he sucks blood and creates legions of the undead and probably doesn’t even open that massive stately home of his to the public- all of which are at least rude and at most evil. But you never hear about when he saved the world!

…Oh, he just saved Halloween. So not really the world then. And Halloween’s his whole thing so it’s hardly a selfless move.

Dracula’s called all of the spooky people together to address rumours that Halloween’s being cancelled- only for the witch to reveal it was her spreading the rumours and that she refused to fly over the moon. Seen as that’s what makes Halloween official (?) and Dracula wouldn’t want to host a knock-off unauthorised Halloween, the gang try to win her over. By “win her over”, I of course mean chase her around the house and then try to get her to unlock the door when she hides herself away.

I get that this was probably funny for children back in the 70s, but there’s not really anything that amusing in it to be honest. They chase each other through corridors and fall over a bit. Igor’s makes stupid remarks. Frankenstein’s Creature can tap dance now but that has no impact on anything except maybe the actor’s CV.

Seems legit.

It’s only half an hour long, and has the distinct feel of one of those really old-school pantos where they refuse to put in more relevant jokes (or jokes full stop)- it’s just a bit lacklustre. It is however good for teaching the origins of Halloween traditions, as the family in Transylvania discuss trick-or-treating. There’s only this one family in Transylvania apparently, and the little girl dressed up as a witch convinces the Witch to come out of her room. There, that’s it.

I’d give this a wide berth- it’s not bad, it’s just not good. And a word to the Dracula actor: slowing down every sentence you say does not automatically make the sentence funnier. But I did like when you were a tiny bat and the Witch hit you with a big stick, that was fun.

Spoopy Rating: 1/3 thoroughly unspooped.