Hey best pals and loved ones, crappy film aficionados and all the rest! The other month I decided to enter this blog into the UK Blog Awards, an esteemed award for blogs -how’d you guess?

Since beginning this blog for Christmas 2014, I’ve been really happy with how many people have enjoyed my rants and pisstakes of so many bad seasonal movies. And I want even more people to enjoy them because eventually I’d like to be paid for this- good joke, Louise.

No but seriously you guys, one day I want to be a reviewer and I need that sweet sweet blog exposure.

If this blog has ever made you laugh or if you know me and you want me to stop spamming social media with whines of “vote for me”, then please follow this link and vote for An [Insert Here] for Christmas! I’ve entered it for Arts and Culture as well as Most Innovative (how many blogs have you seen with a HoHoHo star rating?) so please give us a little blog , I’d really appreciate it. Plus, I’ll be able to get reviews of shitty films to more people than ever- a worthy cause if ever I knew one.

GO ON, GIVE IT A VOTE! Do it for all the lovechildren of Santa, the mums who put wine before their kids, and the dads whose bands are cool and not the worst thing to happen ever. Do it for the careers of Dean Cain and Haylie Duff- people I’ve seen on my TV so much whilst reviewing these films, I see them as family now. Do it for the sake of polishing turds!

Vote me I mean, here