Yep, that’s right: An [Insert Here] for Christmas (I know it’s a constantly changing name but Christmas is where it all started) has made it through to the final of the UK Blog Awards!

You can see us right here on the list of Individual entries in the running for the Most Innovative award- not too shabby eh?

Seen as the blog’s moving into Valentine’s territory I can quickly take this moment to be soppy and say a massive thank you to everybody who voted- you have made my day entirely. Doing unpaid writing in my spare time is not as glamorous as you’d think (all of those bohemians must’ve been minted, is all I’m saying. How else would you have the money to drink and wear floaty clothes all the time? It’s cold, I can’t be having the heating on full blast just to further an aesthetic, y’know? I digress) so to receive this level of recognition makes it all worthwhile. Thank you very much.

The winners are announced in April, so fingers crossed! In the meantime, I’ve got some corkers of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day films coming up, and maybe I’ll be able to get my hands on an elusive Easter title…