“The first human Easter Bunny. Sounds crazy, I hear you say.” Nope, didn’t say that. I mean, I does sound like a pretty dodgy premise for a film… It just wants to make you scoop up James Marsden and pop him in a better movie where he’ll be safe from Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

So Marsden plays a complete slacker whose family don’t trust him with responsibility- so of course his sister (Kaley “not a feminist” Cuoco) offers to let him stay in her boss’ house! That’s the best person to put in charge of a mansion! En route he runs over the heir to the Easter Bunny- who is a drummer wannabe voiced by Russell Brand. He poops jellybeans on the windscreen. It’s one of those films.

E.B has also run away from home, so the two immediately become bosom buddies because they hate taking on the family business (organising Easter egg distribution/having regular employment). These ideal role models set about pissing about at various talent shows whilst back in…Easterland?… an evil worker chick named Carlos plans to overthrow the head honcho Easter Bunny. Oh that’s right: the villain is an overweight Mexican who wants to take your jobs. Donald Trump approves of this film.

This isn’t the only weird stereotyping- in the sequence where the Easter Bunny’s delivering eggs, he visits China where they’re completely baffled by eggs. A quick Google search has revealed that- twist!- both Easter eggs and chocolate exist in China. I don’t wanna be questioning the knowledge of these CGI bunnies or anything buuut…


I’ve got to hand it to the complete lack of moral responsibility in the film. Man and rabbit laze around whilst saying “you don’t know anything Dad”, they get into a load of Prodigal Son shit and then GET EVERYTHING THEY WANTED WITH NO CONSEQUENCES, COOL.

Oh yeah, and David Hasselhoff’s in it. Family favourite, the Hoff. It’s semi-enjoyable as an overall package, but when rabbit Russell Brand talks with real life Russell Brand you’ll be checking how much longer the film is.

Easter rating: Overegged but still edible (Two stars)