Happy Sourdough Bread Day everyone! I know it doesn’t feel like an entire year’s gone by since the last one…still, onto the film and it’s a real doozy. If you haven’t seen Say I Dough making the rounds on Channel 5, you have missed out.

I have to say, I’ve never been to any bakeries where it seems super tense, but that is the norm for seasonal movie bakeries. If they’re not rife with secret grandmothers or film stars, they’re preparing for some life-changer of a competition. Marnie’s desperate to win because that way she’ll be able to use the prize money to buy the bakery off her ex husband and make good with setting up the charity in memory of her cousin. I know, right? She’s got a whole lot of stuff going on- like just prioritise, you could literally wait a week or two to do one of them. Nope, because it is Halltime Channel’s world, everything has to happen within the space of a long weekend.

This film is pretty run of the mill to begin with, but that’s before Marnie’s ex rocks up. Shit really kicks off with the arrival of Cody (a name it’s hard to pair with a man in his thirties. I thought he and Zack are still meant to be living the suite life or something) who’s convinced he can win Marnie back by becoming her apprentice baker. Yeah that’s cool, it was probably a totally legit and chill reason you guys got a divorce, you can definitely bring that into the relaxed environment of an industrial kitchen.

So much happens I’m not even going to try and explain it. Fake divorce papers, jewels lost in a loaf of bread (sadly not Sourdough bread but close enough) and the weirdest case of Pairing the Spares are my personal highlights, though I was also a massive fan of the dog who’s entrusted to fetch Marnie’s mixing spoon and apron in the kitchen. Yep, big f*cking dog just putting kitchen utensils in his mouth, definitely hygenic. And she wins this competition! Methinks there must have been some Ratatouille situation shortly after the announcement.

Coming soon: Say I Dough 2, where Bailey takes over Marnie and Cody’s bakery as his own. Food poisoning akimbo.

Regardless, it is fantastic. Lines like “For as long as you’ve kneaded dough, I’ve needed you” and “I’m gonna rise to the occasion and prove myself” abound.

Sourdough Bread Day rating: 3/3 a rollicking romp that doughs the job.