If there’s one mystery-solving gang we can rely on to adapt to the times, it’s Scooby and co. Heck, it’s a wonder Scoob is still alive after all this time but Mystery Inc. are always at the forefront of what the kids love. Fred’s ditched the ascot, Velma’s swapped a magnifying glass for a tablet, and WrestleMania is all the rage!!

Yes? Kids love wrestling, right? So it’s totally not confusing for the kids when Mike ‘the Miz’ Mizanin and Kane have a little chat outside the WrestleMania City before getting terrified by a Ghost Bear. I however was glad I was taking notes.

Once you get past the fact that the WWE gang are all super friendly with some crime solving…teens? (I brought this up with my boyfriend, to which he replied “I thought they were in their 30s”, so we’ll never know.) (I think I was closer though.) the mystery is fairly run of the mill. The Ghost Bear is definitely not as weird as John Cena saying “the Ghost Bear has come back to challenge us all”.

I’m so confused right now.

Mad props to the story for staying authentic to the wrestling aspect too. Bit far fetched that one of them sustains an actual injury, cos, yknow.

The visual team are clearly having a great time with all the OTT animation sequences- the opening credits are 3 minutes of Mystery Vans bursting into flame, against a background of other things bursting into flame. I mean I’ll be honest, that was probably my favourite bit. The wrestlers are annoyingly down to earth.

Can’t help noticing how much Fred gets shat on during this film. First Daphne develops a massive crush on John Cena (he takes his top off, which I bet the kids love) and flirts constantly in front of him- sidenote: are Fred and Daphne still/ever a thing? I feel like they get too jealous when the other one flirts with a side character to not be a thing, so. Maybe it’s an open relationship.Regardless, Fred also has to sleep on the sofa whilst Scooby Doo gets a bed. Yep, the dog outranks him. He’s also stood right there when somebody asks where the boys are.

A fun romp if you like your crime solving with the hep of John Cena, and a healthy dose of bagging on Fred. It’s a bit too good to be shit though, so don’t bother watching if you genuinely don’t enjoy either WWE or Scooby Doo.

Spoopy Rating: 2/3 even the raccoons have muscles.