Once upon a time (the time being 2014), a blog was created to slog through terrible Christmas film after terrible Christmas film, in a seasonal quest to find the best in laughable acting, cheap CGI and questionable plot.

But turns out crappy, straight to TV films aren’t just for Christmas- they’re for life.

This is where I come in- I find the best (and worst) Easter/Valentines/Halloween movies, lovingly tear into them, and let you know whether they’re worth inviting some friends over for or just best to avoid. Each film’s rated out of 3 stars- 1 star for the least watchable, 3 stars for all-time seasonal faves.

I’ve had a long hiatus over summer but Halloween is coming up- keep your eyes peeled for 13 Days of Spoopoween, now in its second year! Taking requests for spoopy and creppy films that are 2 spoopy 5 u. (I’m also taking requests for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas so get in touch or leave a comment below!)

Special thanks go to Netflix, Channel 5, and various other webpages (and human friends) for steering me in the path of gems and turds of the silver screen- without you I wouldn’t have been a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2016! If you have any requests, tweet them @seasonal_movie, and happy reading!


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