Beverley Hills Christmas 2 (2018, dir. Christian Filippella)

High-school acting skills accompany a plot that throws everything at the wall to see what sticks: it’s like the hundred monkeys taking a toilet break from their hundred typewriters. I had a wonderful time.

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A Wish for Christmas (2016, dir. Christie Will Wolf)

It’s that time of the year again: 31 films from the best to the worst of bad Christmas movies on offer, and 24 sleeps until Christmas! Except I wrote this post with 49 sleeps til Christmas because this is my fourth year of lovingly reviewing crap and I don’t fuck around.

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A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004, dir. Kevin Connor)

This has to be one of my all-time favourite bad films, a total pick me up for if you’re feeling bad-crappy and need something good-crappy. How do you know a film is the one? When it opens on teenagers in the ’80s complaining about boys not wanting to have sex, to the soundtrack of the All I Want for Christmas rip-off song, “Santa Bring a Boyfriend to Me”.


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40 Below and Falling (2015, dir. Dylan Pearce)

Full disclosure: I watched 40 Below and Falling on Wednesday 9th November this year, a day which was pretty impactful in American/world politics, but I don’t think it affected my viewing of the film that much. Like the film description: “a stranger makes a teacher question her future”. I’m sure I had loads of strangers in mind who might be making many people question their future. Their terrifying future… anyway!

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