Rock the House (2011, dir. Ernie Barbarash)

Max is a business dad. You can tell this because Rock the House starts with a moody montage of him working all hours to earn that dollar. He’s always surrounded by boxes (full of business, presumably) and saying things like “1000%” to make it obvious that he’s a wanker.

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Dadnapped! (2010, dir. Paul Hoen)

Isn’t it annoying when you’re just a girl trying to get through high school and the most popular kid in school is a tie between your dad and the fictional character he based a series of spy books around? Classic high schooler stuff for Melissa (Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment, proving she has a real knack for playing second fiddle to fictional characters within show universes). Continue reading “Dadnapped! (2010, dir. Paul Hoen)”

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